Overseas Jobs for Veterans


How Overseas Jobs for Veterans Can Make Sense


Is your overseas job search going nowhere fast? Are you frustrated with visiting the same sites and finding the same companies? It's time to change the way you look for overseas jobs! Overseasjobsource connects you to over 600 U.S. companies offering overseas jobs, most of which are never advertised on major job sites.


U.S. Soldiers on Patrol in Afghanistan

The Advantages of Overseas Jobs for Veterans

Stateside employers often find it difficult to translate military experience into civilian job skills. That's not the case with overseas defense contractor jobs. If you're thinking about the advantages of returning overseas as a defense contractor, continue reading...  more>


Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan

Find Overseas Jobs for Veterans with Overseasjobsource

Thinking about looking for an overseas job but don't know where to start? Even if you're not familiar with the overseas job market, Overseasjobsource provides the techniques needed to compete with the most experienced overseas contractors....  more>


Forward Operating Base (FOB) Afghanistan

Types of Overseas Jobs in LOGCAP IV

From cutting edge cyber technology to logistics, food services and operations and maintenance, LOGCAP IV offers overseas jobs for veterans in dozens of career fields. Take a look at some of the types of jobs within LOGCAP...  more>


Overseas Job Search Database

Our Exclusive Overseas Jobs Database Delivers Results

Our Overseas Jobs Database is a great job search tool for veterans of any age. Connect directly to the career sites of over 600 U.S. overseas employers. With one click, narrow your job search among 14 business sectors to find overseas jobs in your career field....  more>


Military Convoy in Afghanistan

Contractor Services within the LOGCAP IV Program

The LOGCAP IV program includes a wide array of contractor services. As the program evolves, new services are added when needed. The program's size virtually assures the need for overseas contractors in most career fields....  more>


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