Jobs in Afghanistan & LOGCAP


LOGCAP Programs - A Key Source of Overseas Jobs in Afghanistan

In July, 2009, Fluor Corporation and DynCorp International were selected as the prime contractors for the LOGCAP IV program in Afghanistan. Fluor was assigned the northern region of Afghanistan and DynCorp the was assigned the southern region. In addition to the two prime contractors, 100's of other U.S. companies offer jobs in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar. Our Overseas Jobs Database connects you to more than 300 U.S. companies offering overseas jobs in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and LOGCAP.


We Cover Overseas Jobs from All Sides. See for Yourself!

We understand overseas job market within LOGCAP, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, the Middle East and Africa. Our Exclusive Content is based on 22 years first-hand experience on overseas assignments in 8 countries. We provide the hard-to-find information on how to find overseas jobs that you simply won't find anywhere else!


The Hardships & Rewards of Overseas Contractors

The prospect of working in a war zone might be unthinkable for many. The inherent risks and personal hardships are real enough, yet for thousands, the challenge of working alongside the military in a dynamic, and often chaotic, environment can be...  more>


The Development of LOGCAP (Logistics Civil Augmentation Program)

The first LOGCAP contract was awarded in 1989. Since then LOGCAP has expanded to operations in more than 15 countries. Take a look at the development of LOGCAP and its many uses. See where the program is now and where it's headed...   more>


USCENTCOM Operations - LOGCAP and Beyond

The U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) covers the "central" area of the globe, between the European and Pacific Commands. CENTCOM programs are a key source of overseas jobs. See where CENTCOM is now and where future programs may develop...   more> 


DoD Census of Overseas Jobs in Afghanistan's LOGCAP IV Program

Periodically the U.S. Government publishes a census of all contractors within the Afghanistan. The census also reveals the number of defense contractors performing various services within LOGCAP and throughout the country...   more>


Overseas Jobs and Services within the LOGCAP Program

Want to know whether jobs in your career field are needed within the LOGCAP program? We show you the types of overseas jobs offered by LOGCAP employers and describe the types of services specified within the LOGCAP prime contract...  more>


CENTCOM Medical Checklist for Overseas Contract Jobs

Before being accepted for an overseas job within a CENTCOM area of operation, such as the LOGCAP IV program in Afghanistan, you must undergo a series of medical and dental exams and lab tests. We give you the specific requirements...  more>


Required Immunizations and Vaccinations for CENTCOM Overseas Jobs

Before deploying to a CENTCOM operation, candidates must obtain a series of immunizations and vaccinations. Finding these shots in smaller towns or rural areas can be difficult and could delay your deployment. We'll keep you on schedule...  more>


Disqualifying Medical Conditions for CENTCOM Defense Contractor Jobs

All DoD civilians and contractors must undergo a medical exam to ensure they are physically and mentally capable of working at demanding remote locations. Some medical conditions can disqualify your deployment. Find out what can disqualify you...  more>


Daily Life within a Conflict Zone - A Personal Perspective

Take an inside look at daily life within a conflict zone. We'll describe both the daily hardships and challenges facing overseas contractors, as well as the financial, professional and personal rewards that continue to attract Americans to overseas jobs...  more>


The Value of Working Relationships within a Conflict Zone

Conflict zones are in a constant state of change. Overlapping bureaucracies and limited communications can make it difficult to stay informed. In this environment, establishing effective professional relationships can be critical to your success...  more>


Military APO Mail Services for DoD Overseas Contractors

In most conflict zones the Military Postal Service Agency provides various levels of APO or FPO mail services to overseas contractors. We give you the U.S. Customs regulations and restrictions for your area, calculate postage rates and offer tips on shipping...  more>


APO Parcel Forwarding Companies Supporting Overseas Contractors

APO offers overseas contractors a means of obtain hard-to-find personal necessities that are not available locally. Unfortunately, many retailers do not ship APO mail. We introduce you to companies that will make sure you can receive shipments from any retailer...  more>


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